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  • How to pipe a Hydrangea flower

    20 Oct, 2014 | 207 Views
    Floral patterns are one of the most common piping decorations when it comes to cakes and cupcakes. Here is a simple floral technique. More
  • Petal design

    20 Oct, 2014 | 252 Views
    Floral designs are always welcome when it comes to designing your cakes and cupcakes. Here is a simple petals design you can do on your cupcakes. More
  • How to pipe a rosette design

    20 Oct, 2014 | 174 Views
    Description - Check out this video how to pipe a rosette or an outward swirl design. More
  • Piping an inward swirl

    20 Oct, 2014 | 259 Views
    Swirls are the basic in cupcake decoration. Here is a simple inward swirl you can do for practice. More